Home Buyers Guide (+Bonus Guides)

House_Buying_Guide This 61 page guide has to be the most comprehensive NZ house buying guide out! All put together to help you on your journey to your new home. This eBook has it all! All our best Propertytoolbox tips, tricks and ‘need to know’ information and heaps of extras. Designed with quick reference and ease of reading in mind, we wanted to make sure you have all you need to know on hand when you need to know it! BONUS OFFER! All Our Specialty Guides for Free! When you buy the House Buying Guide you get all our Propertytoolbox Specialty Guides for free! Close to an extra $40 of value for free! So buy the house buying guide and you can download the following specialty guides for free: Wiring_Plumbing_PilesProperty_Reports_GuideSun_Guide