What is in a LIM?

A LIM is a comprehensive report containing everything the Council knows about a property or section and can include:

  • Valuation data
  • Yearly rates payable for the property.
  • If there are any unpaid rates.
  • Any charges for water.
  • Information about Building Permits and Consents for the property.
  • Any information in regards to whether it is a protected or historic building, or site, and if there are any protected trees.
  • Any Resource Consents issued for the property.
  • Any relevant planning issues or planning zones that impact the property.
  • Any Resource Consents issued in the immediate neighbourhood.
  • Information on subdivisions and developments affecting the property and the immediate area.
  • Drainage information relating to both private and public sewer and / or storm water on the property.
  • Special land features including potential erosion, avulsion, falling debris, slippage and possible hazardous substances.
  • Consents, certificates, notices, orders or requisitions affecting the land or buildings.
  • District Plan classifications that relate to the land or buildings.

For further details regarding what a council is required to provide you in a LIM, check out the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

The LIM will be up-to-date and contain a summary of all the information a council has on its files as of the day it is issued.



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