Before Making an Offer – 2010 Blog Highlights

Making an offer on a house is a big step! The first time you make an offer can be quite nerve wracking! Here are some of this years best articles from the Propertytoolbox Blog that have tips, tricks and advice for you before you make that offer.

1. Take Your Time!

This is the best advice we can give – take your time, don’t be rushed. This is probably the biggest financial decision of your life so don’t hurry into it. We talk more about this in ‘Sleep On It!’ – which is part of our 10 key rules before you make that offer. And we delve a little bit deeper in the blog article ‘I Want To Buy A House - Take Your Time’.

2. Thinking About Getting The Experts In…

Should you get a building report, a valuation and a council LIM before you make an offer? This can be a tough one to decide. We talk about the pros and cons of getting these reports before making an offer in the article ‘Should I Get a Building Inspection, a Valuation and a LIM Before Making an Offer’ it could help you decide.

3. Question The Agent

The real estate agent will know stuff about the house, and if you ask they are obliged to tell you. So make sure to ask! This can be a helpful short cut to finding out information about the house that could affect your offer. Depending on the agent they can be a real mine of information – make the most of this. Here are the Propertytoolbox recommendations on what to ask in ‘Questions to Ask the Agent’.

4.  Ten Things To Look At When Viewing A House

Make sure you make the most of your house viewings. Right from the beginning, if you find yourself interested, start taking note of the things that really matter to you, things that will affect price, and that may be a deal breaker – no point wasting time! We have a top 10 things to look at blog article that gives you a place to start in ‘House Viewing Checklist – 10 Quick Visual Checks’.

There is a whole lot more good advice if you are thinking about making an offer on a house in the Propertytoolbox house buying guide – make sure to check out the I've found a house and making an offer sections.

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