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House Checklist – 10 Quick Visual Checks

Here at Propertytoolbox we are a big fan of open homes, we like to have a good look around at a lot of houses so that we can get a good feel for what is out there, how much people want, and even seeing how many people are turning up to open homes is a good fact to have tucked away.

Often, 'liking a house' can take you by surprise, especially if you have seen a lot of houses, and been to a lot of open homes. If you can feel your interest in a house stirring as you look around, calm down and make an effort to look at these things. These are 10 easy things to remember that will give you a good idea of what is going on with the house.

  1. Is there any smell?
  2. Are the floors uneven?
  3. What is the light/sun situation?
  4. Are the rooms a decent size and shape?
  5. Are there wardrobes in all the bedrooms and additional storage?
  6. Where is the laundry and washing line?
  7. Has anywhere inside been 'knocked through', 'extended' or 'filled in'?
  8. Can you fit your car in the garage?
  9. What does the neighbours house and section look like?
  10. It is the best/worst house in the street?

It is surprising how quickly your thoughts can change about a house when you find your neighbours have two car wrecks in the backyard and the house gets no afternoon sun.

What do all these things mean? And just how big should a bedroom and garage be? All this home buying information is here.

This quick checklist is not a substitute for a building inspection, but is a good way to make yourself have a good look around.