House Buyers – Getting a Real Estate Agent to Help You

A good real estate agent will keep in contact with potential buyers…… but this isn’t always the reality. Here are tips for getting a real estate agent to work for you.

Getting to know you - Get to know the agents in the area you are looking in. Establish which ones have the most listings or seem to most often have the listings the fit your criteria, then stick with them!

Seriously!! - Most real estate agents will not take you seriously until they have seen you around open homes for a few weeks and have had you call them enquiring about properties they have listed. You can also request to go on their emailing database to be sent new house listings and give them a ring each week when the new listings in the office have come out (usually by Tuesday afternoon).

Tell me what you want – Make your ‘Not Negotiable’ list very clear to the real estate agent. A short concise list of requirements saves everyone time.

One on one - A good idea is to arrange viewings of houses outside open home times then you can get to know real estate agents and they can get a better idea of what you are looking for. This relationship can be invaluable, giving you access to properties before the marketing starts and even letting you in on ‘quiet’ listings.

State the facts – Be upfront about your situation. Tell them you have your finance sorted, you don’t have a house to sell and you are ready to move. You are buyer gold! Put it out there.

Soon agents will be knocking down your door, and you will be getting first look at houses fitting your criteria, but don’t let your work on this relationship lapse. If you find they stop calling you, start calling them! This is a relationship that is easier to maintain then build from scratch.

You will meet many real estate agents in your house hunt and you will get an idea immediately as to whether or not you can see any value in building a relationship. You may find that no matter how hard you try, some will not take you seriously, don’t take it to heart, they are not doing their job, just move on.

Just what should you be asking the real estate agent? Find out in ‘The House Hunt’ section of the Propertytoolbox House Buying Guide.

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