How Much Will a Property Valuation Cost?

Costs for a registered property valuation can vary and often depend on many things including size of the property, as well as location. The cost of a valuation is usually in the range $500-$800. If you are planning to get a valuation, make sure to ring around at least 3 valuers and get a quote - Property Valuation NZ can help you out with this. Most valuers will be able to give you a fairly accurate indication of the valuation cost over the phone. They will ask you a few questions about the property, i.e. address, floor area, number of bedrooms so that they can give you an accurate quote.

Often the most expensive property to value will be an unusual one - it may not be big or grand, just unique. Valuers rely heavily on comparable sales data to base their conclusions of market value on. If a house is unusual and therefore has very little comparable sales data, this makes the house difficult to value. A valuation can still be done but can often take time; this is when the costs can increase.

To busy to call around property valuers? Property Valuation NZ is a website that profiles NZ property valuers - asking them all the things you need to know and giving it to you in the form of a standardised valuer profile - sounds good? Find a property valuer near you now!

Want to get a better idea of the market value of a house before you call in the professionals? Check out our suggestions on how you can work out the value of a house.


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