Where Can I Find a Valuer?

Propertyvaluationnz.co.nz is a great place to find a property valuer. The website profiles property valuers in your area and includes information on experience, costs and the valuation service they provide.

The majority of valuers are also listed in the yellow pages. The listings include individuals and companies, as many valuers work for themselves, but many do work for larger valuation companies.

You can also go to the Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ) website. Here you can find a list of registered valuers in your area.

If you need to get a valuer, these are good places to start. Recommendations from friends are also a valid. But do not use recommendations from your real estate agent for a valuer! Your real estate agent is not independent from the process so it is best to avoid them as a source of valuer recommendations.

The great thing about the Propertyvaluationnz.co.nz property valuer profiles is that the essential questions to ask when choosing a property valuer have been asked (and answered) for you. Find out about the right questions to ask when choosing a property valuer here.



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