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I Want To Buy A House – Take Your Time…

You have just seen the perfect house, you have looked at so many, you have missed out before, the real estate agent is asking when they can come around with the paperwork! It is all a bit of a rush... if you feel you can - take your time - sleep on it!

10 key rules 1-img At least take the time to make a few checks. First double check your 'not negotiable' list – this list is not a wish list it is an ‘absolutely must have list’ - it is the list where you have worked out what you need in a new home. If the house doesn’t tick every box then it is either the wrong house for you or your list needs some work! We have some tips on how to make a ‘not negotiable’ list here.

Another good thing to think about at this point is what you want to achieve with this house purchase, what did you picture when you thought about a new home? Did you see your kids going to a great local school? Did you see weekends gardening? Did you imagine an office room or a spare room for guests? Did you imagine yourself renovating, maintaining or putting your stamp on a house? Did you see your family somewhere safe and warm? And how much did you want to spend?

It is a big decision, and it could be an expensive mistake if you get it wrong. So after sleeping on it and applying some rational though - you could be surprised at how your feelings have either firmed or wavered.

So take your time to make your decision, could this house be your home? If it is the right house for you it will still be available, and if it is not, there really will be another!

‘Sleep on it!’ Is the 1st of the Propertytoolbox ‘10 Key Rules before you make that offer’ – check out the other nine!

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