About Us

The Propertytoolbox founder

The Propertytoolbox team is corralled by Claire, the Propertytoolbox founder. Her background includes engineering and IT but she is passionate about houses! You could say that houses have been a hobby of hers for the last 15, or so, years. Although this section is 'About Us', Propertytoolbox is really all 'About You', the NZ home buyer.

It bothered Claire that the home buying process was a minefield, and good information and trusted recommendations were hard to come by. Was it to much to ask to give that to New Zealanders? That little seed of an idea has now been realised - so welcome to Propertytoolbox!

Expert house buying advice that's independent and impartial

Get informed. Most people in the property market are in it for themselves, making it difficult to get quality advice which is impartial and most of all, in your best interests. That's where Propertytoolbox comes in.

Our independence from the house buying and selling process is one of the most valuable benefits we can offer you. Not only are we unbiased, we know exactly what you're going through. Get all the information you need here so that you can be confident in your house buying decision.