House Buying Guide

Our focus in this house buying guide is the meaty bits - all the best tips and the most practical advice. Below is house buying broken into bite-sized pieces, so choose the information relevant to the stage you are at and go for it!

Thinking of Buying a House? Get the ball rolling and begin by answering those questions that start with where, what and why. We have information to help prepare you, so let us help you start your journey.
What Do I Want in a House? This can be a surprisingly tough question. Now you have your budget, what else will dictate what you look at? We can help you get this nailed down.
The House Hunt This is the fun part! You are going to see some interesting things; some will make you laugh, some will make you cry! We have all the best tips on how to make this search a breeze.
I’ve Found a House Now that you have found a house, the work has only just begun. It pays to do some ground work before you make that offer.
Making an Offer How do you make an offer, what should you expect from negotiations and what about auctions and tenders? Be prepared make that offer.
Your Offer Has Been Accepted! Congratulations! Now what? More then likely you have conditions to satisfy so you haven’t quite bought that house yet. This way for the guide to going unconditional.
Settlement Now you are committed to buying a house, but there is still more work to do! Find out what happens now and to make sure everything is covered off in the steps to settlement!

Not after house buying information? We have everything you need to know about all other aspects of buying a house in NZ - including property valuation, building inspection, LIM’s not to mention heaps of handy checklists and tips - like our ten key rules before you put in that offer.

If it is your finance you want sorted - all our information on mortgages and mortgage brokers will get you sorted. We have everything here from arranging your finance to why you might want to use a mortgage broker.

If you really want the details we have heaps of interesting articles in our blog - for example - ever wanted to get the low down on repiling? Well head this way to find out all you every wanted to know about repiling a house in NZ