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> House buying guide

> Thinking of buying a house?

> How much will it cost to buy and own a home?
> What is a mortgage?
How much can I borrow?
How much can I afford?
Should I get a lawyer?

> What do I want in a house

> Making a House Buying List
What do you want? Some suggestions...
I can't afford the house I want

> The House Hunt

> Where do I look for houses for sale?
Viewing a house
House viewing tips
10 quick visual checks when looking at a house
Questions to ask the agent

> I've Found a House

> Before making an offer on a house...
> What should I check? A house inspection checklistAbout the title check
> Finding out the ongoing costs
> Confirming your finance
> Do you still want to make an offer?

> Making an offer

> Essential checks before you make an offer
Ways to buy a house
> For sale by negotiation
> For sale by tender
> For sale by auction
How much should I pay for a house?
What is a sale and purchase agreement?
Who puts together the sale and purchase agreement?
Should my lawyer be involved?
What conditions do I need?
What is the deposit? How much is it?
What is the possession/settlement date?
What happens now my offer has been made?

> Your Offer Has Been Accepted!

> What will my lawyer do?
Going unconditional
Paying your deposit

> Settlement (Working Towards Settlement)

> I have gone unconditional - now what?
Thinking about structuring your home loan?
What do I need to do on settlement/possession day?

> The Registered Property Valuation Guide

> Looking for a Property Valuer?
What is a registered property valuation of a house?
Who is a registered valuer?
How does the valuer work out the market value of a house?
My bank wants a valuation
Registered property valuation cost
Where can I find a valuer?
Questions to help you find the right property valuer
A property valuation as a condition of sale

> The Pre Purchase Building Inspection Guide

> What is a pre purchase building inspection?
> Why get a building inspection?
> What does a building inspector look at?
> Will the building inspector spot everything?
> What qualifications do building inspectors need?
> Are there any guidelines for building inspectors?
> I need to get a building inspector - How do I choose?
> Questions to help you find the right building inspector.
> How much will the building inspection cost?
> There is a problem with the house! What are my options?
> How much will the problem cost to fix?
> What other types of building inspections are there?
> A building inspection as a condition of sale

> Land Information Memoranda (LIM) Guide

> A Council LIM Report? What is it?
> Why should I get a LIM?
> What is in a LIM?
> I've got my LIM. Now what do I do?
> Even a LIM has limits
> How much does a LIM cost?
> A LIM as a condition of sale

> Mortgages & Money

> The Cost of Buying and Owning a Home

> What are the major house buying costs?
> How much does it cost to own a home?
> How much will it cost to sell my current house?

> Guide to Mortgages

> What is a mortgage?
> Do I need a mortgage?
> How much can I borrow?
> How do I get a mortgage?

> Mortgage Brokers

> What is a mortgage broker?
> Should I use a mortgage broker? And what do they do?
> Who pays the mortgage broker?
> Choosing a mortgage broker

>Structuring your Home Loan

>Fixed Home Loans
> Floating Home Loans
> Can't decide? Fix and float!
> Still can't decide? Get some help!

> Propertytoolbox Blog


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